Solar PV System Commissioning Adds Value and Creates Efficiency

Having a well-documented, first-class commissioning process adds value to the project and assists the sales process.

That was the end result of PlanNet’s evaluation and review of commissioning procedures for a confidential major world-wide solar photovoltaic (PV) company.

PlanNet helped enhance commissioning processes for PV installations ranging from relatively small rooftop and carport fixed array systems to some of the largest-known utility scale PV installations to date, sites with several hundred thousand megawatts of power generation capacity.

PlanNet met with commissioning and operations managers, field technicians and other stakeholders to understand concerns and challenges. Commissioning plans for specific installations and individual test procedures and data forms, as well as completed field commissioning documentation were studied. Site installations under construction and with commissioning in process were visited.

PlanNet then developed detailed, site-generic commissioning process manuals for various business units, documenting safety requirements, roles, responsibilities, sequences, hand-off requirements, references to site-specific documents and a glossary of terms and abbreviations. A detailed commissioning checklist was also developed, consolidating several other documents.

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