Over the years we’ve seen a lot of technology innovation that has significantly impacted our industry like:  server virtualization, airflow management and lithium ion battery technology for UPS systems. But we’ve rarely seen innovations as transformative for data centers as Forced Physics’ JouleForce™ technology.

The JouleForce™ Conductor offers the first real change in data center cooling in decades – delivering over 40% cost savings and an astounding 90% cooling power reduction. All with no water needed. The Conductor acts as an extremely effective heat exchanger. Electronics are mounted on both sides of the Conductor and direct filtered outside air is drawn through using common industrial blowers. Heat is removed from the electronics and transferred into an airstream, which is ducted outside the rack or directly outside the building. The Forced Physics Conductor is highly reliable, while delivering cooling effectiveness never before seen in the industry.

  • The technology may allow for far more efficient server design, allowing cores to operate at full capacity because the heat can be efficiently pulled away.  Multi-core servers now throttle core functionality and cycle/rotate the workload to allow the cores to cool down.
  • The technology promises to improve data center cooling reliability by replacing compressors, chillers, evaporative cooling and other complex, failure-prone and service-intensive equipment with very simple air-cooling and simple fans, which can operate in high temperatures, with supply air up to 130°F and still keep servers cool within specs.
  • The technology promises to significantly reduce data center construction costs and real estate requirements since far less cooling equipment is required.
  • The technology can provide further efficiencies by providing quality heat (high temperature exhaust air) for use in heating buildings, and for hot water production.
  • The technology requires servers to be physically configured differently than standard shelf servers; server muffin fans are not required, gaining additional efficiency and removing failure points.

As so much of our client’s data center construction costs, operating costs and risks are associated with cooling-related requirements, we are very excited about the potential for incorporating this ground-breaking Forced Physics technology into our client efforts.

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