Founded in 2001, PlanNet has developed a diverse and rapidly growing clientele, which includes hundreds of global, fortune and middle-market companies and institutions across the United States and abroad. PlanNet’s experienced and highly skilled team of technologists, project managers and construction professionals support a broad variety of engagements from IT infrastructure and enterprise systems to workplace technology and technical facility construction. This blend of technology, construction and operational expertise translates to cost and time effective project delivery.

Off to College with PLANNET

For over two decades, PLANNET has been entrusted by some of the country’s top universities to design and implement state-of-the-art technologies, supporting and elevating the college student experience.

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PLANNET: A Global Partner

Founded in 2001, PLANNET has developed a diverse and rapidly growing clientele, including hundreds of global, fortune, and middle-market companies and public institutions all over the world. Domestic and international clients rely on PLANNET's [...]

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We Love Warmly!

The PLANNET team is excited to be partnering with a new AI startup, Warmly. Warmly is a Zoom-based enhancement that allows video calls to become more personalized. CEO Maximus Greenwald says, “Warmly is an [...]

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