Recently PLANNET customers have come to us asking how they can ensure that capital technology expenditures being utilized to minimize the effects of the pandemic will continue to be useful in the future in a post-pandemic world. We work closely with them to help select the proper solutions that will do just that. This is especially true for solutions around social distance tracing and tracking.

Employees can use Bluetooth-enabled devices alerting them and others, if they are too close to a co-worker for too long.

Companies can also monitor and manage face mask usage via video analytics and install density scanners to measure headcount in lobbies, conference rooms, and other high traffic areas.

Touchless entry using facial and or gesture recognition is now being seriously considered. Workplace alerts and information can also be delivered via sharing apps and dashboards based on employee location.

But all of this comes at a cost. According to Gartner, 16% of employers are using technologies more frequently to monitor their employees through methods such as virtual clocking in and out and tracking work computer usage.

Many experts feel that the smartphone will be taken to another level. These popular devices will become an even more powerful tool allowing your team to pass through security, ride the elevator or enter the parking garage.

In addition, applications are available to utilize these personal devices for conference room A/V equipment usage (effectively giving everyone a personal remote control), way-finding capabilities, or simply ordering your lunch from the company cafeteria or local sandwich shop, minimizing personal contact.

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