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Category: Technology Consulting

Off to College with PLANNET

For over two decades, PLANNET has been entrusted by some of the country’s top universities to design and implement state-of-the-art technologies, supporting and elevating the college student experience.

Off to College with PLANNET2022-09-20T19:25:51+00:00

PLANNET: A Global Partner

Founded in 2001, PLANNET has developed a diverse and rapidly growing clientele, including hundreds of global, fortune, and middle-market companies and public institutions all over the world. Domestic and international clients rely on PLANNET's [...]

PLANNET: A Global Partner2022-07-22T21:28:21+00:00

We Love Warmly!

The PLANNET team is excited to be partnering with a new AI startup, Warmly. Warmly is a Zoom-based enhancement that allows video calls to become more personalized. CEO Maximus Greenwald says, “Warmly is an [...]

We Love Warmly!2022-07-14T22:00:18+00:00

JOURNEY OUT: Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Today we are honored to be interviewing Nayeli May, Executive Director of Journey Out, a PLANNET nonprofit client. Nayeli manages the Executive team and Board of Directors while overseeing operations, focusing on budget, generating [...]

JOURNEY OUT: Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation2021-11-09T21:31:30+00:00