The PLANNET team is excited to be partnering with a new AI startup, Warmly. Warmly is a Zoom-based enhancement that allows video calls to become more personalized. CEO Maximus Greenwald says, “Warmly is an intuitive Zoom extension that allows users to optimize their remote relationships by creating personalized meeting backgrounds and adding unique touches that recreate those “in-person” nuances that regular video calls lack. The Warmly team is proud to partner with PLANNET Consulting as we continue to mainstream our presence and advance our platform.”

The Warmly extension adds a customized background image to video calls that incorporates personalized touches such as location, weather, name pronunciation, job title, number of years at the company, and hobbies. These details serve as great conversation starters and allow video calls to mimic the warmth of an in-person meeting.

Replicating peer-to-peer relationships during Covid has been a trial. Yet, Warmly has met the challenge uniquely by confronting the video calling space head-on and making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone on the call. Other more in-depth features even go so far as to allow you to take notes on the person you are meeting with so that you can remember important details of your conversation. Another feature enables teammates to sync their backgrounds to look uniform during a professional meeting with a client. You can even combine two logos to represent partnership or the hope for future consociation.

Warmly has already achieved prestige as a “Zoom Launch Partner” and won the 2021 Zoomtopia award. To see more case studies visit warmly at As Warmly is still in its beta phase, you can go to their website to sign up for an invitation to integrate the extension for free. Once downloaded, you can start uploading your own background images and filling out your information. When applied, Warmly will seamlessly pop up for all of your zoom meetings and help take your video calls to the next level.

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