Like a gem in the rough, new opportunities can be uncovered in a client’s building or facility when you look at it from a technology infrastructure perspective. We have seen this manifest itself in many ways.  A great example of this is the case of One San Jacinto Plaza. Our client, Franklin Mountain Investments (FMI) acquired the well-known 20 story downtown El Paso, Texas building. They engaged PLANNET to evaluate the location’s potential use and development considerations as a regional technology destination property/Telco-Hotel.

Thriving Downtown, El Paso, Texas 

As part of a broader technology and data center assignment, PLANNET performed an extensive building telecommunications physical infrastructure assessment that also included a review of key lease and vendor agreements. Ultimately, we determined that the building was a highly valuable main Telco connectivity location in the El Paso metro area market. This unique feature of the location offered tremendous value to existing and future tenants in the form of exceptional Telco and internet access, throughput, and productivity.

One San Jacinto Plaza, 201 E Main El Paso, Texas

Gary Davis, Vice President of PLANNET and head of Data Center practice, explained, “PLANNET’s facility assessment and follow-on strategy helped to support a completely new business venture for the client. We worked closely with their team to help them understand a specific building’s potential for serving as a hub for telecom/data/carrier services and help them monetize the asset. This is a unique value we offer our clients. Along with our expertise in infrastructure, security, AV, and data centers, PLANNET can assist building owners, commercial real estate professionals, brokers, and others in assessing the benefits and opportunities of a property from our expert technology perspective.”

Who knows, maybe you too have a gem in the rough in your building infrastructure as well.

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