PLANNET is pleased to announce the return of a key team member, Danny Kim. Beginning in March, Danny will be rejoining the PLANNET family as a Principal Consultant with a focus on audiovisual and business development. He is returning from a passion project at the Ellison Institute at USC where he was able to design and implement a best-in-class data network along with collaboration technologies in order to help continue the groundbreaking work done at the prestigious cancer research institution. Danny says, “I am so excited to be returning to PLANNET. I look forward to all the collaboration ahead as it is my favorite part of the job. I love being a consultant.” Danny has over 25 years of highly technical experience gained from positions such as being the IT director at Riot Games, Ellison Institute and Pandemic Studios.

Along with his technological expertise, Danny is an avid musician and composer. The creativity in his personal life constantly shines through to his professional life often to the benefit of clients. A prime example of his creativity was not only designing but also crafting portable IT desk solutions for the Riot Games headquarters. In addition, Danny is also one of the few consultants in the world who has expertise in designing and executing eSport tournaments and shows. Clients all over the world have entrusted their most advanced and complex technological needs to Danny, always with impeccable end results.

The PLANNET team members are excited to be welcoming someone that can offer our clients such a diverse range in experience and expertise. Welcome back, Danny!

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