The idea that people want to watch other people play competitive video games for big money prizes may surprise some. Though, esports is predicted to be a $1.5 billion industry by 2020.*

Many in the real estate and design industry take for granted all the specialty spaces and distinct requirements that are required to properly plan and design an effective esports venue. PlanNet is the only consultant who has this specialized knowledge and experience.

On a recent project, the developer worked with a designer to initially layout their esports space. After engaging PlanNet and reviewing their design, we uncovered that the facility was missing essential, necessary spaces and amenities in order to run a full live tournament. Think about it this way, designing for esports is like designing one facility to accommodate football, basketball, baseball, hockey and a live concert! A major esport event may attract thousands of people attending in person, and tens of millions watching over the Internet!

“Beyond the design aspect,” mentions Danny Kim, PlanNet’s AV Practice Manager, previously Director of IT and Special Projects at Riot Games, “is helping a client develop their esports business strategy. We ask the right questions to understand their requirements.” The “who and how” you are trying to market to, plays a big impact on the approach and design.

Being well versed in the bizarre and unique esports requirements is a true differentiator. It is very difficult to effectively strategize and design a flexible and valid esports tournament venue without this essential direct hands-on expertise.

PlanNet can help you over the hurdles of what it takes to put on a live esports tournament without losing your investment on a bad bet.

*Warman, Peter. (2017, February) “eSports Revenues Will Reach $696 Million This Year and Grow to $1.5 Billion by 2020 as Brand Investment Doubles.”