PlanNet’s Michael Fluegeman will be sharing the latest learnings and solutions from the EV Industry for Green Data Centers and Backup Power when he speaks at the 9th Annual Green Datacenter Conference (GDCON: San Diego,  2/27/19 thru 3/1/19).

Learnings to be Shared

Most data centers require long-term backup power systems (from several minutes to several days) because of inevitable utility power failures. Standby diesel engine generators, and sometimes natural gas-fired engines fill this role. These engines burn fossil fuels and pollute such that they are increasingly regulated by government air quality districts. Noise, fuel storage and emissions limit viable engine locations, making some properties that are otherwise suitable for data centers unfeasible. Many data center applications require multiple, redundant and over-sized engines for reliability.

Applying proven solutions from other industries, including hybrid and plug-in EVs, renewable energy generation and storage offer hope to reduce if not eliminate harmful emissions and noise and improve reliability. Additional benefits include combining separate high-maintenance and costly generating and battery backup UPS systems into one green, reliable and low-maintenance system.

Michael’s insights include:

  • Overview of the problems with diesel/gas engine backup power systems for green data centers.
  • What solutions may exist, applied from other industries (i.e. EVs, renewables & energy storage)?
  • Overview of significant and ongoing development of batteries, chargers, inverters and control systems.
  • How can emissions and noise be reduced, or even eliminated?
  • Utility incentives & reduced rates with peak-shifting & interconnection capability.

Michael Fluegeman, PE, Senior Engineer, Principal, PlanNet has over 30 years of critical power experience. He is recognized nationally as a leading engineering consultant for critical facilities and data centers.

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