PlanNet Consulting played an instrumental part in the relocation of global architect firm, Gensler, of their regional LA headquarters in Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles. The relocation project that began in April 2011 was promptly completed in November 2011. The project moved an estimated 230 people.

Gensler’s new location, nicknamed “The Jewel Box” because it sits between two skyscrapers, can be described as more a work of art, than a place of work. The new location which housed a large bank for decades had a mezzanine added which increased the square footage from 32,000 to 45,000 sq ft. Also added were eight state of the art conference rooms with the most current Audio Visual technology and a state of the art amphitheatre style area for larger presentations.

In addition to designing the AV and Security requirements, PlanNet played a key role in designing IT infrastructure requirements which included technology rooms, communications cabling and pathways needed to support voice and data services throughout the Jewel Box building. The downtown LA move can’t exactly be considered a typical move – taking into account that the building is unique in its design overlaying an existing building. Having previous knowledge with pathway constraints, PlanNet’s experienced consultants were able to wrap up the project with success and a smile.