PlanNet provided full operational planning and technical design of a new Council Chamber Audiovisual System and Broadcast Production System for the City as part of the architectural remodel of the Council Chambers.  The new Council Chamber Audiovisual System features large format rear projection digital image display for the audience, individual and selectable local displays for each Council Member and Staff Member, electronic voting and remote PC access for Council Members, and wired and wireless microphone systems and distributed media input panels integrated within the dais.  The City Clerk is provided with full control of the system via an interactive touch panel that either manually or automatically control all media presentation functions, electronic voting, the podium microphone and timing lights, chamber lighting and sound levels.

The new Broadcast Production System facilitates live cablecasting of Council Meetings over the City public access channel.  The system also provides extensive linear and non-linear editing capabilities to support in-house production of professional grade promotional and educational video programming, and facilitates a diverse range of other City media production and archiving needs.