PlanNet Consulting was engaged to assist Asante with migrating from an aging Fujitsu PBX network to a new voice platform supporting over 5000 users. Our work included a formal requirements definition, physical infrastructure and network evaluation, organizational assessment for supporting a converged system, and RFP that included strategic elements such as Unified Communications.

The PlanNet assessment included:

  • Needs assessment which included Asante’s organization.
  • Interviews of network and voice support services staff covering a broad range of voice systems technical, process and management.
  • Identification and review of voice systems any Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that the relevant internal IT support organization has in place with various Asante Health departments.
  • A benchmark of Asante Health staffing and knowledge levels against well accepted metrics.
  • Network evaluation with VoIP tool to calculate Mean Opinion Score (MOS).
  • Specific recommendations regarding staff levels, organization and mission.

PlanNet also developed the Request for Proposal (RFP) and evaluated proposals for final vendor selection.