The Creative Architectural Design and Solving Collaboration Challenges Series

The workplace today is evolving as fast as the technology that supports it. Adapting to new work styles, the thinning line between work and leisure, and the emergence of a new workforce, which is open to embracing new technologies. At the forefront of this change are Audio Visual (AV) technologies, both supporting the evolution and leading it as new options are introduced to the market.

For many businesses, staying ahead of emerging design advances and solving collaboration and presentation challenges is often a complex task. To guide through this recurring business dilemma, PlanNet has laid out a series of opportunities for businesses to level-up their user experience and solve their collaboration challenges.

Opportunity #1. The Open-Office Space Impact.

If you haven’t noticed, the open office space is a design trend that is taking over the workplace landscape. The proponents of it say that it encourages people to collaborate in a way they might not in a standard office. The demand for it is growing. In turn, this phenomenon has introduced the concept of small, custom-designed spaces such as huddle rooms and phone rooms.

Huddle rooms or small conference areas equipped with video conferencing and display technology are the new norm. Phone rooms, typically for one user, allow for privacy when making a business or personal call, which otherwise would not be available in an open office setting.

There are new huddle room solutions that come with fully integrated beam-forming microphones, and a USB bridge for computer and webcam to support a BYOD approach. This differs from the soft codec rooms where the dedicated room PC has excellent microphones, speakers, and cameras rivaling traditional hardware video conferencing systems.

Don’t let the user experience in collaborative space fail due to technology. High quality solutions are here at reasonable prices like never before.