As a forward-thing business professional, you have already responded to and arranged for the physical safety aspects of returning to the workplace. Let’s look at what you have probably already implemented:

  • A memo has been distributed to all employees outlining physical distancing requirements and possibly a staggered work schedule;
  • You may have also created a hybrid work environment where people work both from home and the office;
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been positioned throughout the office in critical areas such as entrances and exits, outside of restrooms, lunch and break rooms and all conference and meeting areas;
  • Plastic shields have been placed between closely spaced desks or cubes and if possible, all workstations have been repositioned at least 6-feet apart;
  • Foot-traffic flow has been addressed as to ensure that workers are not walking or passing at an unsafe distance from one another.

But what technology solutions have you considered? Our first challenge at the onset of the pandemic, was how to best work from home. Many companies and organizations looked to digital platforms to hold meetings and other company events remotely or combining virtual and in-person meetings to minimize employee density in meeting and conferencing spaces. Some things to consider when choosing a digital meeting platform for your organization:

  1. How will your teams access this particular solution?
  2. Do they have sufficient bandwidth at home to connect and work efficiently?
  3. What type of network do you have internally and with this increased traffic, will it allow your network to operate effectively, safely and smoothly?

Bottom line: Your underlying network infrastructure needs to be robust enough to handle both increased traffic and the additional security concerns this traffic brings along with it. In this new reality, proprietary company information is now sitting on your employee’s kitchen table!

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