PlanNet led the effort to upgrade the primary data center for a California-based financial services firm that offers a full complement of banking, trust and investment services with many locations across the country.  The focus was to upgrade reliability and eliminate Single Point Failure (SPF) risks.  First, an aging and failing UPS was replaced on a rush basis.  Then a 500kW UPS, ATSs, PDUs and generator was installed, HVAC equipment was re-circuited and a dual EPO system installed to provide 2N redundancy to critical loads.  Fire suppression was upgraded.  Data center power cabling was re-routed from under floor to overhead and full 2N power distribution to equipment racks was achieved.  PlanNet performed the SPF assessment, developed the upgrade plan, conceptual design, performance specs and helped select the design engineers and capital equipment purchases.  PlanNet reviewed detail design, provided construction support and led onsite commissioning.  Planning, design, construction, commissioning and cutover for the 2N system was performed in and around the live data center with no scheduled or unscheduled downtime.