This is a five-part article that details the factors involved in deciding the level of redundancy for data centers.

Are you responsible for data centers, healthcare facilities, and other critical applications have to determine what level of redundancy best meets the business needs of the application? Choosing the right redundancy option requires to weigh a variety of factors.

This article takes a close look at redundancy configurations that apply to UPS systems, power distribution systems, standby generator systems, and cooling switchgear configurations for data centers.

Part 1: What Facility Managers Need To Know About Data Center Redundancy

Part 2: N+1 Redundancy: Multiple Options

Part 3: Exploring The Value of 2N Redundancy

Part 4: 2(N+1) and 3N/2 Redundancy: High Reliability Options

Part 5: Swing ATS and Catcher Redundancy Strategies