In today’s global environments, collaboration and audio visual technologies play an increasingly vital role in the way organizations work. How do you keep up?  How do you assess and mitigate risk?  Where do you go for sound advice and project assistance?  Many organizations realize they cannot do it all in-house. That’s where PlanNet comes in.
PlanNet is a proven resource in the delivery AV technology consulting services.  PlanNet is totally independent, with no product or vendor affiliations.  Your best interest is PlanNet’s only focus as we guide your through your AV technology change.
PlanNet’s consultants combine spatial, technical and operational thinking to design effective, reliable and easy-to-use solutions. PlanNet delivers technical solutions that are operationally efficient, intuitive, reliable, architecturally integrated, and adaptable to future technologies. Hundreds of organizations large and small rely on PlanNet as their AV and Collaboration Space partner.
  • System and Design Assessments
  • AV Design & Construction
  •  Enterprise AV
  •  Acoustics
  • AV Space Planning
  • Proof of Concept
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Systems Commissioning & Training
  • Project Management


More than ever workers require ways to efficiently and effectively collaborate. In the architectural design process, space is always at a premium and collaborative spaces such as Board Rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, training rooms, war rooms and other collaboration areas are essential to the business. It is imperative that solutions for these spaces are designed and implemented to maximize functionality, flexibility AND ease of use.

PlanNet is adept at guiding and facilitating discussions that help identify core requirements, priorities, and must-have functionality of collaboration and audio visual technologies that help organizations understand how to optimize investments. The programming process uncovers critical evaluation points such as cost vs. benefit so you can make informed value-based decisions.

Competitive video gaming is here! It is not just a fad.  In esports, not only do venues and technology systems have to cater to a live crowd, but also to millions watching online around the world. Many early adopter providers have made the mistake of designing esports facilities like they would other sports arenas or auditoriums. There are VERY distinct differences that are critical to esports venues and systems design.  PlanNet is one of the only independent consulting firm with global, real-world experience in designing and facilitating live esports event venues, and professional esports franchise practice facilities.

Digital signage is everywhere, from airports and retail centers to corporate campuses and public spaces. The technology behind digital signage allows for the delivery and modification of content remotely, flexibly and quickly for the most effective targeted messaging. The scope of digital signage is broad – whether the aim is to advertise to consumers, inform visitors/travelers or educate employees, the applications are endless. PlanNet has been on the forefront of this technology, helping organizations develop a business case, architect the solution, define the content delivery model, select the most effective products, install, and optimize the technology once deployed.  PlanNet’s combined expertise in audio visual, collaboration, communications and networking technologies ensures you that all critical elements are totally addressed for a successful and powerful turnkey solution.

If you are like many concert goers, you’ve experienced poor quality sound. Although high quality sound is more attainable at a lower cost than at any other point in pro audio history, few understand how to guide decision makers through the plethora of options and critical issues that must be understood to enable an exceptional live audio experience. At PlanNet, our approach to live audio design promotes complete and uniform coverage of the entire audience through architectural integration of system components, functionality and flexibility for the live sound engineer, and creative yet practical application of IP network infrastructure and systems for your high-tech facility.

Whether integrated into the classroom or delivered remotely, technology has dramatically changed the way learning is applied in modern educational institutions. Today’s classroom is both physical and virtual/online. Laptops, tablets, wireless networks, broadcast and presentation systems have transformed classrooms and lecture halls into complex technology environments. At the same time, the constraints of geography and time have been eliminated through online distance learning, allowing students to attend classes and seminars remotely either in real-time or on-demand. These capabilities are providing unprecedented flexibility to users.

PlanNet is here to help your education or training program plan, budget, design, and implement systems and services to create (or enhance) technologically inclusive facilities. Our expertise in networking, communications, collaboration and audio visual technology combined with our experience working with hundreds of educational institutions and corporate training facilities will help guide you through the challenging process required to create operationally efficient and cost effective environments.

PlanNet has extensive experience designing corporate and entertainment industry screening rooms that employ traditional and digital cinema technology. PlanNet consultants have expertise in the design and integration of key components including network, equipment racking and cabling design, playback devices, digital projectors, projection screens, surround sound, acoustics and control technologies. Many premier entertainment companies such as Disney, Lionsgate Entertainment, HBO, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures have entrusted PlanNet to design screening rooms where aesthetics and performance are critically important.

As emerging broadcast technologies become more established and affordable, they begin to infiltrate the consumer industry, replacing older generation technologies. It is this evolution in high quality and affordable broadcast technologies that has enabled end users such as businesses, universities, colleges and municipal governments the opportunity to establish in-house media production capabilities.  PlanNet has been involved in many of these technology migrations, from design and budget planning through complete implementation.  We can help guide you through the confusion and pitfalls.

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I cannot thank you enough for your facilitation of the data center migration project. PlanNet is more than a partner…you really are part of our team as a trusted advisor and I would not be where I am today without your expertise and most importantly, your dedication to SEFCU.

Lisa Scott, Chief Technology Officer - SEFCU
[PlanNet] brought experts, technical resources to bear that the other vendors didn’t, and they were able to very concisely summarize the technical discussions and presentations in very manageable sound bites.

Steven Miller, Sr. Manager DC Operations - Daimler Trucks North America

They do a good job, not only providing the analysis that we ask for, but also in explaining it to us, so that we fully understand what went into it and we’re all on alignment on the metrics.

Kevin Gray, VP, IT Infrastructure - Viacom-Paramount Studios

Thank you again for all your efforts on this site, given my role to ensure this sight stays Operational, you definitely have made my life a lot easier.

Kaleb Smith, IT Operations - Multnomah County

Cole Capital office COLE CAPITAL New technology showcase headquarters video wall This business desired a new high-tech facility that
was also functional, seamless, and intuitive
Cole Capital office Through workshops with Cole's technologists,
PLANNET designed and selected technologies,
to support their vision
video wall Resulting in a new headquarters with high-end
high-impact, high-function technologies
that are adaptable and scaleable and
reflect the energy of the organization

Hulu headquarters HULU New custom-designed headquarters  HULU headquarters To support Hulu’s company culture, PLANNET designed
technology-infused collaborative work spaces
Hulu The result was a work space that integrated
technology, encouraged productivity & allowed for

Beats By Dre Beats By Dre New innovative research, design & development center

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