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  • Healthcare


  • Data Center Strategy & Consulting

  • Program Development

  • Construction Management

  • Migration

Other Info

  • 1,600 SF

  • Work completed in active server environment


PLANNET’s engagement began with providing project management support for the reorganization and upgrade of St Joseph Health System’s 1,600 square foot Southern California Regional Data Center and a Northern California server room upgrade.

In addition to detailed planning, creating and managing the cutover planning for each event, the PLANNET team was responsible for all stakeholder and vendor communications for the planning and execution of the following:

  • Identification and remediation of all servers/devices to A-B power source;
  • Remediation of all single power devices within the SCRDC to ATS sourced power;
  • Remediation of cabinet power from single phase to three-phase power;
  • Worked with stakeholder and technology to teams to upgrade the UPS systems, install a new UPS systems and generator while keeping the data center fully up and available (1.25 generator installed, 600 KVA UPS installed, 8 PDU’s installed);
  • Facilitated the planning and execution for relocation of five multi-use SAN storage systems;
  • Facilitated the planning and execution to swap out approximately 180 cabinets (with live equipment) to new

SCRDC standard cabinets and cabinet power CDUs in support of hot/cold aisle configuration and power consumption monitoring;

  • Moved approximately 600 servers; and
  • Identified and de-Installed 400+ servers.

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