The Gary Sinise Foundation is a California-based organization that supports those who sacrifice to defend our country: active duty, veterans, first responders, and their loved ones. The Foundation chose PLANNET to help them with the design and installation of technology to support an office expansion. The successful outcome of that work led to us being asked to review all technology for the foundation. In the middle of that work, an unexpected variable came into play – the Covid-19 lockdown.

With the stay-at-home-order from the Governor of California, our focus shifted rapidly to adapting the Foundation for teleworking. Tasks included expanding VPN capacity and migrating users from an on-premise email system to Microsoft 365.

Data migrations can be disruptive to most organizations during the best of times. But managing the process during the Covid-19 lockdown when workers are dispersed brings a whole new set of challenges – challenges that would make this kind of work nearly impossible for most IT guys.

But PLANNET’s IT professionals are not your typical “IT guys” that many organizations have come to expect. Their education and experience allow them to understand and take a consultative approach in order to improve the Gary Sinise Foundation’s business tools and processes while imparting knowledge to make employees more productive.

Check out the details of how we stewarded successful technology transformation for the Gary Sinise Foundation during a most challenging time here.