PlanNet  Steve Miano, Gary Davis, and Michael Fluegeman were quoted in an article by regarding Data Center Cost Containment. Within the article is a featured podcast where Steve, Gary, and Michael answer frequently asked questions.

When embarking on data center cost containment projects, solution providers need to ensure that they are prepared every step of the way. Our Project FAQ examines the most frequently asked questions about data center cost containment, from green data centers to virtualization. Be sure to listen to our podcast on marketing green data centers.

Suggesting a data center cost containment project to your customers is a no-brainer — everyone is interested in saving money. But before starting a project, solution providers should make sure they themselves understand all facets of data center cost containment, including energy efficiency, virtualization and power usage effectiveness (PUE). In this Project FAQ, a team of experts from PlanNet Consulting, an independent consulting firm specializing in data centers and critical IT infrastructure based in Los Angeles, will guide you through the process of a data center cost containment project and provide answers to frequently asked questions about data center cost containment. Be sure to listen to the supplemental podcast, in which our experts sit down and discuss marketing such a project and the best way to sell a green data center.

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