PlanNet Design & Construction Utilizes Local Resources for the Build of a New Greenfield Data Center and Media Hub

Located in southwest Texas on the bank of the Rio Grande—130 miles from San Antonio, Laredo is anything but a sleepy little border town. In 2000, Laredo was ranked as the second fastest growing city behind Las Vegas by the U.S. Census and has experienced a 34% increase in growth since 2000.

PlanNet Design & Construction was hired to design/build the first US-based data center and media hub for an international mega-telecom firm in the area. “We looked no further than local trades and businesses in Laredo to supply the materials and qualified skill required. However, we had to balance our desire to stay local with the requirement to deliver the data center at the level of quality expected by our international telecommunications client, and we had to meet the fast-track schedule,” states Daniel McNary, PE, President of PlanNet Design & Construction.

PlanNet Design & Construction, utilizing their data center construction experience decided to take time to train laborers, and were able to hire 85% of the subcontractors and material suppliers local to Laredo, some of which are second and third generation owned and operated companies. Keeping it local and thus reducing the travel costs, carbon footprint and supporting independent businesses far exceeded any benefit of using specialty trades located in faraway metropolitan cities in Texas.

Creating jobs and keeping the dollars within the local community has not only allowed PlanNet to deliver a quality and on time project, it has also helped foster community character, prosperity, competition, fuel entrepreneurial innovation, and promote environmental sustainability.