Many businesses have recently been faced with the reality of changes in technology and type of personnel. With the continued increase of collaboration among team mates made possible by wireless devices and video conferencing, many large firms are changing the layout of their office workspace.

PlanNet is in the midst of helping one such business rethink their work environment. For this client, a financial services firm, the idea was to move away from the long-established one office/one assistant space plan of the past, and adopt a much more open workspace that enabled staff mobility and collaboration.

Albeit the solution seemed simple, this shift quickly became a major cultural change for the firms more traditional staff. As part of our project management efforts, focus was placed to ensure the transition was done thoughtfully.

In steep contrast to traditional team members, Millennials entering the workforce come in with high expectations of technology mobility. They view technology as a tool critical to do their job more efficiently.
Incorporating this mind shift into our client’s new office design is helping them become more attractive to younger talent. The net result of this shift in workplace culture drives the need to greatly strengthen wireless availability, AV presentation and in-house communications systems.

Use this shift to attract the millennial talent you’re going to need to succeed now.