PLANNETs Michael Fluegeman and Jim Strano will be sharing real world examples of how the Cannabis Grow Industry is applying technology and strategies from Data Centers at Data Center World (March 19-22, 2019, Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona).

Cannabis grow facilities utilize rapidly evolving technology, much of which is familiar to the data center industry. PLANNETwill be presenting 3 case studies featuring an outdoor facility in CA and indoor facilities in CA and MA. Some of the key elements to be covered are:

  • Viable options for Grow Facilities configurations
  • Significant and reliable electrical power and purified water requirements
  • Precision control and timing of lighting color and intensity, light deprivation, temperature and humidity so critical to a key to high-value yield
  • Boilers that warm RO water and cooling technology ranges from custom CRAC units to water-wall evaporative cooling
  • Backup generators and ATSs
  • Critical systems commissioning

Data Center technologies and practices are helping grow facilities minimize IT equipment and infrastructure failures that can result in hundreds of thousands dollars of crop value loss. These technologies and practices so essential in the Data Center space also help growers improve speed to market, energy efficiency, effective seed-to-sale tracking for regulatory compliance and security to drive overall business performance and increase the bottom line.

Michael Fluegeman, PE, Senior Engineer, Principal, PLANNET has over 30 years of critical power experience. He is recognized nationally as a leading engineering consultant for critical facilities and data centers.

Jim Strano, VP, Critical Facilities & Design, PLANNET has over 20 years’ experience in general contracting and construction management working within the mission critical, commercial, and federal markets.

For more information on PLANNET’s Data Center Consulting, and Critical Facilities Design & Construction Services, please contact us at or at 714.982.5800.