Five easy tips that every business owner and A/E/C professional should keep in mind when planning a wireless network.

We live in a society with ever-evolving technology, which makes the process of evaluating and selecting the tools and programs best for your organization a challenging task. Look at the integration of wireless in the workplace as an example.

Traditionally, wireless networks were set-up as back-up networks to support occasional mobile users in common areas such as the lobby or conference rooms. The majority of a business’s “traditional workforce” was bound to a desk with hardwired (LAN) connectivity.

Today however, it’s become more customary that employees are using laptops as their primary PC, as well as relying on other portable devices such as iPads and smart phones. Even workplace infrastructure such as sensors, security cameras, and speakers are becoming reliant on wireless connectivity.

This evolution requires many companies to re-think their needs for a wireless network.

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