Is your disaster recovery plan “cyber” ready?

Does your risk management plan provide guidelines for present-day business disasters?

Do you know what the new threats are to your business?

Is your DR capability integrated into your cyber security organization?

With the heavy reliance on enterprise applications and the proliferation of public and customer-facing information services, reliability and uptime of IT infrastructure is absolutely critical. PLANNET’s disaster recovery consulting services help organizations match disaster recovery plans to their business continuity objectives.

PLANNET’s services address fundamental issues such as:

  • Assessment, identification and tiering of critical and essential applications
  • Application and system service lease agreements (SLAs)
  • Architectural considerations such as replication, backup storage, hot-site/warm-site failover
  • Network resiliency
  • Cyber Security protections and organizational risk
  • Costs, risks and benefits of various alternatives
  • Data center alternatives to support enterprise production, sub-prod and disaster recovery
  • How to integrate your DR plans with cyber security incident management
  • Disaster recovery roadmap
  • Test plans and live failover

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