A recent study by consulting firm McKinsey & Co suggests that by 2020, data centers will release more greenhouse gases than the airline industry. Predictions like this, as well as pressure from environmentally conscious working groups and investors, have prompted data center operators to not only think about energy efficiency, but also to understand the root of power in the data center.

To address these issues, PlanNet’s Michael Fluegeman, PE will lead a three-day intensive Data Center Professionals Course in San Francisco, California starting December 9th, 2013. The course will provide a deeper understanding of how power requirements impact the way data centers are designed and operated. From fundamentals of power distribution to critical power components and maintenance/safety, the course gives a granular understanding of the key challenges related to infrastructure investments and how to manage the complexities of change.

Course Outline and Main Topics Covered

Students will be able to:

  • Differentiate between reliability and resilience
  • Explain and apply principles of PUE
  • Identify the pro’s and con’s of AC versus DC power in the data center
  • Understand Power Distribution Systems, IT Equipment Power Supplies CBEMA Curve, PF Correction, Redundancy and Loading
  • Understand different types of grounding and bonding systems to increase awareness of common mistakes and problems
  • Calculate Tier Level and concurrent maintainability availability of power system design
  • Understand three-phase power – global power systems standards and differences in major components

For more information visit DCProfessionalDevelopment or contact Michael Fluegeman directly.