Need a reason to visit San Francisco? The next Data Center Power Professional training will be held in The City on June 8th – 11th, 2015.

The Data Center Power Professional course is for those who are involved in making design decisions in either a new or existing facility. This is a Level 3 course where practical hands-on experience is recommended. In particular, this course may be relevant to:

  • Facility Operating Engineers;
  • Electrical Engineers and Technicians;
  • Data Center Electrical Equipment Vendors; and
  • Electrical and Design/Build Contractors.

Course outline and main topics covered include the following.

  1. Learn the ability to differentiate between reliability and resilience.
  2. Explain and apply principles of PUE.
  3. Understand equipment such as generators, switchgear, UPSs, batteries, flywheels, PDUs, etc.
  4. Identify the pro’s and con’s of AC versus DC power in the data center.
  5. Understand power distribution systems, IT Equipment power supplies CBEMA Curve, PF correction, redundancy and loading.
  6. Understand different types of grounding and bonding systems to increase awareness of common mistakes and problems.
  7. Calculate Tier Level and concurrent maintainability availability of power system design.
  8. Understand 3-phase power – global power systems standards and differences in major components.

Michael Fluegeman, PE, Principal and Manager of Data Center Support Systems at PlanNet will be teaching the three-day course. Michael is a data center professional industry leader who brings over 30 years of technical and project experience within the data center industry. ”Every lecture, teaching and student interaction experience can be a learning experience”, states Michael. “In presenting case studies and telling war stories, students often speak up with their own experiences, which provide knowledge and statistics beneficial to other students as well as to me as the instructor. Plus it provides me with the opportunity to give back some of what I’ve gained and learned from others in the data center industry.”

The Data Center Power Professional courses are hosted by DCProfessional Development, a leading provider of mission critical learning and development solutions to the global data center industry.