As we move into 2022, businesses and organizations face many of the same challenges as when the pandemic began. Employee health and safety, data security, and productivity remain paramount concerns in this upcoming Year 3 of COVID 19. Although the lockdowns and most severe restrictions seem to be behind us, the rise of the remote and hybrid workplace in its various forms is here to stay.

While some businesses are better suited for a 100% remote workforce model, many find the hybrid model most productive. Led by the tech industry, return-to-office plans are now increasingly commonplace. But each business has its unique requirements. For example, Google recently announced that its workforce of over 130,000 must work from physical offices three days a week in 2022. Others like Oracle never really shut down and remain in a work-from-office environment. Solutions that fit one organization or industry, the specific jobs, and the type of work performed may not be best suited for another. Also, it’s important to note that technology is only a tool, not a fix, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. 

This new paradigm continues to have a significant impact on decisions about the strategies, systems, and technologies best suited for business as they adapt.

  • How are your organization’s culture and demographics affecting your organization’s technology needs? 
  • Is your technology optimally supporting the changes in how your employees work remotely and in the office?
  • Are the technologies and initiatives you initially put in place at the start of the pandemic to support your organization’s safety, collaboration, and data security still best suited for the long term?

So, as you prepare for the new year, we recommend you review our ebook: Technologies Role in the Post Pandemic Workplace. We address the key issues and types of technologies your organization should consider to create a safe return for your employees and customers and ensure your technology investments support you for today, as well as the future.

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