PLANNET is a premier, independent technology consulting and delivery firm that has guided hundreds of global, fortune, and mid-market organizations to find the best approaches and solutions for their facilities’ Technology, Data Center, and IT infrastructure initiatives. We approach today’s IT-oriented technologies holistically. Our time-tested, proven methodology provides the foundation for implementing and maintaining efficient, cost-effective business solutions that keep our clients current and competitive for years to come.

At PLANNET, we understand your need to effectively manage and deliver the right solutions based on your organization’s own unique situation and needs. The problem is that technology infrastructure is such a critical part of your business. The sheer enormity and complexity involved can be overwhelming, making you feel out of control and unsure how to proceed.

We believe it should not be this difficult for you to find solid, unbiased answers and solutions to your technology infrastructure questions and challenges. We understand how hard it is to keep up and see the big picture, even for the most experienced managers and planners. And this is why for over 20 years, PLANNET has guided hundreds of organizations to find their ideal approaches and solutions with fantastic results.

PLANNET’s experienced and highly skilled team of technologists and project managers support a wide variety of clients with engagements from IT infrastructure and enterprise systems to workplace technologies, including:

  • Solutions for integrated IT/networking, wired and wireless infrastructure, audiovisual, collaboration, physical security, building automation, DAS and fire/life safety systems and services, including consulting, design, and project management.
  • Data Center assessments (technologies, architectures, and governance), Basis-of-Design, infrastructure and capacity planning, network design, colocation/cloud analysis, site selection, financial analysis (TCO), DR planning, migration management, program, and project management.
  • Technology Managed Services including help desk and desktop support for Windows & Mac, Microsoft 360, email, collaboration, cloud computing, virtualization, cyber security, disaster recovery, switches, servers, backup and telephony; 24/7 real-time monitoring of key IT assets, processes and data management.

PLANNET is a completely independent firm, not limited to pre-determined, prescribed technologies and solutions. We go beyond the “latest and greatest” in technology trends to truly understand the company’s unique needs, large or small, and tailor custom right-sized plans for each client.


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